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Handyman Facts All Homeowners Should Know

When looking to complete repairs around your home, assistance from a handyman may be required. However, it is important to keep in mind that the bigger the task the more time and money it will require.  Experienced handymen may be able to estimate how much time the job will take before starting it. When it comes to cost, many handymen prefer charging a flat fee rather than per hour. If you are looking to hire a handyman, it is always a great idea to discuss the details and clearly establish the cost prior to committing to a contract.

Handymen are experienced and skilled enough to tackle any sort of job, whether small or big. This includes fairly easy tasks like changing an outlet or a light switch, fixing a leaking faucet, changing a thermostat or exchanging a damaged garbage disposal. Think of a small job as any task that requires no more than 2 hours and simple hand tools. An example of a small task would be installing the 3 parts required to fix a water spout in the bathroom.

There are more complex medium size jobs that take longer time and skills to accomplish. A great example would be fixing a damaged drywall which involves using spackle, self-adhesive mesh and a putty knife. Another somewhat complicated task would be putting up a shelf which has to be correctly anchored to the studs. Such task can take approximately 4 hours to complete.

More difficult larger size jobs can include tasks such as installing a sink along with all its elements, setting up wires and installing a home theater or installing a cooling and heating system. Any tasks that immediately make you think of hiring handyman services or even a contractor can generally be considered as a large size job. Larger types of projects can normally take a few days to complete depending on how difficult it is. As a rule of thumb, if the job is big and requires the use of heavy machinery then you might want to employ a contract rather than a handyman.

Keep in mind that the more difficult the job is the more time it will certainly take to accomplish therefore the more money it will cost you. An excellent handyman will quickly tell you if there is any part of a project that they cannot handle. If that is the case, hiring a contractor is your next best option.  Small jobs are normally simple tasks; however, some bigger tasks can also be quite simple. For example, replacing a toilet requires heavy lifting as well as basic knowledge of plumbing work but it is a relatively simple task to complete.

In conclusion, based on the complexity of any project it is recommended that if you are not convinced you can handle a task, whether small or big, hiring handyman services may be the way to go. A handyman might be more convenient to accomplish those tasks correctly.